Kent Resilience Forum

The future can be random and unpredictable. Being prepared and reducing risk means that, whatever happens, people can continue their lives freely and with confidence.

One of the duties of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is the formation of the Kent Resilience Forum, whose purpose is to ensure that there is an appropriate level of preparedness to enable an effective multi-agency response to emergencies that may have a significant impact on the communities of Kent and Medway.

The Kent Resilience Forum ensures that Kent and Medway have the ability to bounce back from disaster. The forum assesses every risk and helps the public to be fully informed and prepared. It is where partners from the emergency services, local councils, voluntary organisations and utility companies come together to ensure resources and plans are in place.

Kent Resilience Forum members

The Kent Resilience Forum is a partnership of organisations that have a role to play in emergency planning and/or response to an emergency. The organisations are divided into two groups: Category 1 and Category 2 responders. Category 1 responders are those that have a major role to play in the preparation, mitigation and response to an incident. Category 1 responders are Medway Council and:

Category 2 responders are those organisations that can have a response role and are therefore involved in planning process.

These organisations do not regularly attend meetings but it is understood that they do play a role and have a wealth of knowledge and are therefore involved in discussions.

Find more information on the Kent Resilience Forum or Local Resilience Forums on the UK Resilience website.