Emergency planning for entertainment events

When organising entertainment events, you must consider emergency planning points. These must include:

  • incorporating and understanding emergency planning threat and risk within the event plan and operation order. These threats could be severe weather, flooding or terrorism
  • having a process to liaise with the emergency services
  • having a robust process to deal with communications during an emergency, show stop or event cancellation
  • briefing and training all staff to deal with emergencies such as evacuations
  • testing the emergency plans
  • incorporating business continuity into the event planning.

Poor weather

It's essential that your event has a method of pre-identifying the possibility of poor weather. You must have trigger points to warn the public either if there is a possibility of a temporary show stop or a full event cancellation.

Access for emergency services

Your event foot print must not hinder the routine provision of emergency services transportation around the local area. The event organiser should liaise with the emergency services to ensure that, if called, there's an easy passage for emergency service vehicles to enter the event site. You can liaise with the emergency services via the Medway Safety Advisory Group.

Evacuation and invacuation

You must have a safe system of evacuation via clearly marked exits into safe areas, or invacuation within the event footprint. You must test this procedure with all your staff, stewards and security.

Business continuity

You must recognise the importance of business continuity for your event and other attending stakeholders. Consider what provisions you have in place in case there is a power cut or emergency cordon limiting you from accessing parts of your event site.

Emergency planning advice

If you have any queries contact Medway Safety Advisory Group and ask for emergency planning and contingency advice.