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Pandemic flu

Currently, a pandemic flu outbreak is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the UK. Central government is working very hard to try to help local authorities and emergency services prepare for the outbreak which is expected at any time.

A pandemic is likely to occur in two waves, about three to nine months apart. Each wave could last around 12 weeks. A quarter of the population could be affected at some point during these 12 weeks. A high number of cases and consultations (greater than 500 GP consultations per 100,000 population per week at peak) could overwhelm the health and other services.

All parts of Medway Council are working closely with the Health Protection Agency, National Health Service (NHS Medway, the Primary Care Trust), South East Coast Ambulance Service and other members of the Kent Resilience Forum.

Medway Council sits on the NHS Medway Pandemic Group and the Kent Contingency Pandemic Group. Medway Council has also developed its own pandemic flu plan and continues to train its managers on the likely impact that such an outbreak will have on the council and community.