Image shows a graphic of people walking and cycling with the words 'Cycling and walking - have your say'

Cycling and walking

As part of our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), we asked for your views on our proposed walking and cycling routes. These are to help improve and increase the network for people travelling actively in Medway.

What an LCWIP is

Our LCWIP sets out a plan for delivering local walking and cycling networks, so that active travel is your preferred choice when travelling in Medway. This takes a long-term approach to planning and delivering walking and cycling infrastructure. 

Walking and cycling for shorter journeys could help to:

  • reduce congestion
  • combat climate change
  • improve the health of the nation. 

We know that we have a good foundation for cycling and walking routes in Medway, especially for leisure purposes. Investing in the network would make it easier and more attractive for families and children to walk or cycle to school, as well as those travelling to and from their workplaces and of course, our local residents.

What the LCWIP will deliver

Our LCWIP will help to deliver:

  • benefits to the local economy through reduced congestion
  • an accessible programme for all, including children, older people and those with disabilities
  • a boost to health and the environment through more active travel choices.

The key outcomes of our LCWIP are a:

  • network plan that highlights preferred walking and cycling routes and areas for future development
  • programme of improvements for future investment
  • report that explains the identified improvements and network.


Find out more

Take part in the consultation

The LCWIP consultation ran from Monday 22 January 2024 until Sunday 3 March 2024.

There were a number of ways you could get involved and share your views.