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Design codes

Design codes are a collection of design principles which help residents define what good development and high quality public space looks like in their area.

A code sets out exactly what is expected of developers and others that propose changes in the local area in a clear and visual manner. This leads to the creation of more beautiful and sustainable places within existing communities that local residents are more likely to support and treasure.

Help shape the future of Chatham

This is not just a code, it's a conversation.

We're working with the local community to produce the design code for the regeneration of Chatham city centre.

We are seeing increased interest from developers in Chatham and the design code programme gives us the opportunity to collectively influence the process to ensure development respects the area’s unique heritage, landscapes and character.

Have your say on the draft design code

Following your feedback over the last year, we have now developed the design code for the regeneration of Chatham Town Centre.

The code provides a collection of design principles for the area, which include things like specifying local building materials and proposing design options for the layouts of streets.

The code will help shape the future of Chatham, including:

  • how new developments should look
  • active travel facilities
  • more green spaces
  • improved seating areas
  • better public spaces.

Chatham design code street and spaces

Credit: BPTW

We want to help make Chatham a better place to live, work learn and visit.

You can:

There is a copy of the draft Chatham Design code available at:

  • Chatham Library
  • Rochester Library
  • Lordswood Library
  • Walderslade Library
  • Luton Library.

The latest consultation has now ended. We'll update this page with the results shortly.


Credit: BPTW

Our first consultation

We ran the first consultation between December 2022 and January 2023.

We asked for your views on the future of Chatham.

This included an event at Pentagon Shopping Centre.

This survey closed on Sunday, 15 January 2023.

We received 1599 comments in total.

The main feedback included:

  • existing streets aren’t pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improving the safety and maintenance of streets is important
  • there is potential to add more greenery, enhance public spaces (more seating, better lighting) and to make better use of underutilised or empty sites
  • there is demand for more affordable housing and that this type of development benefits the wider community
  • the historic character of Chatham Town Centre is appreciated and should be maintained
  • newer buildings shouldn’t be generic, they should complement the historic surroundings and promote community.

We have taken on all the comments we received to help us get to the next stage of developing the draft design code.

Our second consultation

Our second consultation took place between Wednesday 14 June to Wednesday 5 July 2023.

340 people responded to the survey. The results included the following:

  • 80% were in favour of a new Chatham Cross, connecting Chatham high street, Military Road and Railway Street, improving accessibility, seating and greenery
  • 77% were in favour of a new urban avenue connecting The Brook, New Road and Best Street including new planting and trees
  • 77% were in favour of a new Chatham Gateway, enhancing the area around Chatham Cross, creating new walkways and spaces for business and retailers
  • 79% were in favour of improving residential streets situated in the centre of town, improving access to green spaces
  • 87% were in favour of improving Chatham Waterfront, including the Riverwalk, Riverside Gardens and listed buildings and landmarks. This would see more public events, water-based activities and public square with food and drink facilities
  • Out of 6 proposed building styles, most users commented that the image below was preferred
  • Over 65% of respondents to the last Chatham Design Code were in favour of the regeneration proposals to improve Medway's emerging city centre.

All of the comments received have been taken on board to help develop the new design code. 

Salisbury Square