• Toll roads, tunnels and bridges, history and operation
  • Technical issues, safety implications, economic and political matters and some scary videos Enclaves
  • Kent in Essex, Worcestershire in Shropshire and many others
  • An exploration of geographical, political, administrative and cultural pockets across the world
  • The history of state surveillance using technology - from the 1930s to today's all pervasive snooping
  • A history of Lord Cardigan: Cad, womaniser, horseman, hero
  • Understanding the world - examining cultural differences. A methodology for putting the world in context
  • Shock & upset or the Emperor's New Clothes (warning this talk can ruffle a few feathers!) we examine the "special relationship" with the US, Britain and Europe, foreign adventures and the state of the British economy
  • An examination of industrial relations in the 21st century, a series of interviews with unions and managements across the UK as part of a university dissertation Underground Britain.
  • An exploration of interesting things beneath the ground from factories to military to transport.
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