• Can Can - high kicks and frilly knickers: The origins and development of the dance and its performance from Parisian dance halls in the mid-nineteenth century to classical ballet in the twentieth
  • The secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry - An overview of this great English artistic masterpiece and the Norman spin on the events of 1066
  • Not for the Squeamish - How the work of the physician and surgeon has been depicted in art throughout the ages.
  • Venice and the British: How Britain's historic love affair with the 'Jewel of the Mediterranean' has created the ideal of the modern Venetian experience
  • Seeing Capabilities - The life and work of Britain's greatest landscape gardener Lancelot Capability Brown
  • Tulipomania! Bloom and Bust: The story of the infamous seventeenth century Dutch tulip bulb speculation as shown in contemporary prints and flower paintings
  • The Gardens of Impressionism – Monet and other Impressionists as gardeners as well as painters of gardens
  • George IV the Prince Regent Connoisseur or Conman?- An overview of his legacy to the country of palaces, architecture, and the great collection of paintings, furniture and decorative arts. But what did it cost and who paid the bill?
  • Toulouse Lautrec and ‘Bohemian’ Paris
  • Not tonight Josephine – the life and court of the Empress Josephine Bonaparte - her patronage of the arts, fashion and rose gardening
  • The Essential English Landscape - Constable and Turner and how they depicted our 'traditional' countryside
  • The artists of the First World War The Grand Tour – British aristocrats and the lure of Italy in the eighteenth century
  • The secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry – an English artistic masterpiece and the Norman ‘spin’ on the events of 1066
  • Women Impressionist painters – ‘lost’ modern mistresses - Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, and Eva Gonzales
  • Henry VIII – Image and Magnificence – early Tudor palaces and Henry VIII’s patronage of the arts
  • Nelson’s Mistress - the life, times and reputation of Lady Emma Hamilton
  • The Country Seat – great English stately homes of the Georgian period
  • The Sun King - Louis XIV of France, Versailles and the making of the definitive royal court

Illustrated talks on art, artists and historical subjects.

All talks last 45 minutes to one hour.

Mounts Road

Phone: 01322 381 565

Mobile: 07484 842 268


Fees are based on the audience size. 

Amount of people:

  • under 50  - £70
  • 50 to 74 - £90
  • 75 to 99 - £110
  • over 100 persons - fee is negotiable

Travel costs calculated at 40 pence per mile from Greenhithe in Kent to a maximum of £50. Any parking or toll charges are in addition. Will travel any distance and availability is anytime and at short notice.