Gravesham's Railways - A history of the area's railways from their beginnings in the early nineteenth century to the present day and beyond

One Crossing: Two railways - The story of the Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry and the associated railways Tilbury, its ferry and railways - A closer look at the Essex association with the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry and the almost vanished railway complex that was Tilbury

Crossings of the lower Thames & Medway - Starting at the Dartford crossing once used to test jet engines in World War 2 the talk moves on to the medieval pilgrims ferries followed by bridges, dams and tunnels both failed and achieved, the military ferries and the ferry run by the 'naughty nuns' of Higham Railway

Curiosities - Some of the more unusual aspects of railways including the lethal Brunton's mechanical horse, the stolen railway station, the rail Zeppelin, Cycloped and Boynton's bicycle railway

The Fens by rail steam and sail - This narrative starts by looking at the East Anglian fens before their drainage, then home to the vanished second largest lake in England. Once an isolated, mysterious area inhabited by 'Fen Slodgers', 'Black Shuck' and the 'Witch Finder General' , the fens were rich in wildlife and fisheries Sparks

Kent’s railway electrification system – This examines part of the world’s largest third rail DC electric railway. After looking at the electric railways early beginnings, it’s off on a tour of this networks development and workings, looking also at its rolling stock including the unique battery powered luggage van, and the Brighton Belle Pullman trains association with a disgruntled Laurence Olivier

Midland & Great Northern Railway – Known as ‘the poppy line’ this vanished holidaymaker’s route to the Norfolk coast is explored

Defending Thameside – From the Romans to the Soviets, how the area was protected and defended, starting with the Battle of the Medway equal only to Hastings in its consequences for Britain.

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