• Origins of place names: Including towns and villages, hills and streams, even fields and roads
  • Origins of pub names: Their beginnings, design, meanings and misunderstandings
  • Animal myths: A look at some of the quite ridiculous explanations given for the fauna we know so well
  • Humorous etymologies: We know what they mean today, but won't believe how some of these words began and in what context they were used
  • Ley lines: Examination of ancient trackways, how they were laid out and why Salt routes: the original trade route, why it existed and why these routes are still in use today
  • Watling Street: this famous 'Roman' road and why it is more than one road and was a road before the Romans were ever thought of
  • When nature calls: the toilet, the history of the privy
  • Not the normal paranormal: Looks at ghostly reports covered by the author's writings and asks if there is a rational explanation
  • The Saxon era: A revealing look at the so-called Dark Ages, revealing why they were anything but 'dark'
  • The fastener industry: an engineer's non-technical look at nuts, bolts, screws and washers
  • Talking Butts: The many odd ideas, generally accepted as part of history, which have no basis in fact.

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