• Swansea Bay's tidal lagoon - the great tidal innovation for future power generation.
  • Atmospheric and pneumatic railways of the Victorian era - a novel alternative to the steam locomotives employed by Brunel.
  • Longitude and Captain Cook's explorations. Harrison's chronometer - why was it needed? 40 years development of the true marine chronometer. 
  • British warship propulsion - steam - diesel - gas turbine - electric - nuclear power. Development from inception to modern day. 
  • Conjurer or magician - an introduction to the various disciplines of magic. Includes practical demonstrations. Nothing revealed.
  • Brunel - father, son and grandson - achievements of the famous Victorian engineering family. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was voted 2nd greatest Briton after Churchill.
  • Feminine touch at sea - from Cleopatra's fleet, female pirates, whores & lovers to WRNS and the modern fighting woman.
  • From teddy boys to mini skirts - a brief look at 50s and 60s culture, fashion and music. 
  • Baby boomers - 1946 to 1955 were the baby boom years in the UK. Experience the post-war years through the eyes of families of that era and from the speakers, a founder member born nine months after VE day celebrations. 
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