Policing talks

  • Policing Peckham - Exploring how effective policing significantly reduces crime in a high crime inner city
  • The need for effective community policing - The public frequently states that they want to see more police on the beat. But exactly what is it they do and how do they help reduce crime?
  • My life in the police - An exploration of a constables career spanning 30 years in London Keeping behaviour within in the law - Aimed at Secondary school children this talk looks at the law as it effects physical behaviour exploring public order, violent and sexual behaviour
  • Understanding Stop and Search - A look at the law and exploring how in practice it works
  • If I ruled the world - An interactive talk aimed at year 6 primary school children exploring what rights and responsibilities people should have

Film and production talks

  • Film production - A look at how a short film is produced from the idea through to distribution
  • Fund that short film - A look at how to successfully fund the making of a short film
  • Corporate film - A look at the different types of corporate films, exploring the purpose of each type and how to decide whether to make yourself or to engage professional
  • The Film Producer - Exploring what a film producer does
  • The use of film in reducing crime - Looking at the various ways that film has been used in reducing crime.
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