How to recycle

We do not accept flares (marine) through any of the waste disposal services we offer due to the hazardous and dangerous nature of the material. You should:

  • Check with the place you bought them from as they may offer a ‘take back’ service
  • Check with your local marina who may offer a disposal service
  • Check with your local life raft service station as some offer a service

As a last resort you can contact the coast guard who offer a discretionary service at their licensed sites.

Do not:

  • take marine flares to a recycling centre
  • dispose of marine flares with your household waste

It is an offence to:

  • fire flares on land or in a harbour
  • fire flares at sea for testing, practice or as fireworks
  • dump pyrotechnics at sea

Damaged or out of date flares should never be used. They should be disposed of safely as soon as possible.