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Brainstrust provides free Brain Boxes to those with brain tumours or those looking after someone with a brain tumour.

Brain Boxes are support toolkits for people with a new brain tumour diagnosis and their carers, containing the following items to support and provide information for patients and carers:

  • My Brain Book - a patient folder where you can record information about yourself, your healthcare team, appointments and outcomes and any questions you have. You can also keep a disk of your brain scans in the book and there is a pocket at the back of the book to store letters or receipts for travel expenses claims
  • The Little White Book - a comprehensive, easy to navigate collection of UK brain tumour resources
  • 'Have you lost your way?' - a booklet helping you to work our who to turn to, and for what
  • Professor Black's Living with a Brain Tumour
  • International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) Charter of Rights for brain tumour patients
  • Brainstrust stress brain - a stress ball to release stress by squeezing
  • Sunny highlighter - to help with learning and remembering important information
  • Pack of brainstrust Christmas cards
  • Tea bags

If the box is for a child we will also include:

  • a copy of 'The Snaggle Tooth Splat', an illustrated book written to help parent carers or patients talk about a brain tumour diagnosis with their children
  • our mascot, Ellie - a crocheted red elephant

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