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The Money Advice Service website offers detailed information relating to care advice and help, including the following topics.

Solving problems if family members are helping you:

  • Check your concerns are valid
  • Get expert advice
  • Take action if necessary
  • Employing someone to help with your care: What can a carer or personal assistant do for you?
  • Using direct payments to appoint a personal assistant
  • Using a home care agency
  • Employing a personal assistant directly
  • Using a carer or personal assistant to manage your direct payments
  • When someone needs formal help managing their money:Is a formal arrangement really the best thing to do?
  • If the person you want to help has mental capacity
  • If the person you want to help has lost mental capacity
  • Setting up a power of attorney:What is a power of attorney?
  • When to think about setting up a power of attorney
  • Choosing your attorney
  • Types of lasting power of attorney
  • Setting up a power of attorney
  • Registration and costs
  • Cancelling a lasting power of attorney
  • If you already have an enduring power of attorney
  • Setting up a trust:What is a trust
  • When you might use a trust
  • How to set up a trust
  • Find a solicitor to draw up a trust
  • Get more information about trusts
  • What is a trustee?:What is a trust?
  • What is a trustee? Trustees and tax
  • Being a trustee - what are you responsible for if something goes wrong?
  • If you're asked to be a trustee
  • Resolving problems with attorneys and trustees: What are attorneys and trustees?
  • When to worry about attorneys and trustees
  • If you're worried about an attorney or deputy
  • If you're concerned about a trustee
  • Self-funding your long-term care - your options: Why you may need to pay for long-term care
  • Check your entitlements
  • How to fund your long-term care
  • Sale-and-rent-back schemes
  • Other options for funding your long-term care
  • Next steps
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