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Financial support

The Carers UK website offers information and advice on different financial support available to carers. 

You can get advice online about:

  • different benefits and allowances
  • health costs and support
  • household finances
  • your pension
  • NHS continuing healthcare

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Technology and equipment

The Carers UK also has in-depth information and advice on technology, including everyday technology, equipment and technology and care services.

You can get information about:

  • online shopping
  • online GP appointments, prescriptions and remote consultations
  • group emails and shared calendars to coordinate family care
  • using technology to bring the extended family closer together
  • connecting with other carers
  • online training, courses and learning
  • gadgets to make life easier

You can also get information about technology and care services including:

  • apps
  • wearables
  • telecare
  • telehealth
  • accessing telecare and telehealth


You can also find out about kitchen, bathroom and general household equipment. 

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Practical support

The Carers UK website offers information and advice pages on practical support including:

  • getting care and support
  • managing someone's affairs
  • coming out of hospital
  • planning for emergencies
  • when caring ends
  • equipment and technology

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Work and careers

We also have advice about work and careers as a carer including:

  • your right to flexible working
  • your working rights
  • getting support at work
  • thinking of leaving work
  • getting back into employment
  • learning and education

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You can also get advice about your relationships as a carer including:

  • social relationships
  • you and your partner
  • family relationships

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