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Kent & Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT)

The Kent Clinical Neuropsychology Service provides neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation to people who have an acquired brain injury or other neurological disorder.

The main tasks carried out by clinical neuropsychologists include:

  • assessment of cognitive functioning (memory, attention, judgement), and treatment and management of cognitive impairment
  • assessment, treatment and management of mood and emotion
  • management of behavioural problems
  • support and education for relatives, carers and other professionals on brain injury and its consequences
  • research and audit (evaluations of outcome of rehabilitation).

After a brain injury or other neurological disorder you may find you have difficulties in managing day to day living such as remembering things or concentrating when you need to.

You may also experience changes in your mood (e.g. feeling anxious or depressed) or behaviour.

If you're referred to the service

If you are referred to our service you may benefit from a neuropsychological assessment.

A neuropsychological assessment aims to look at your cognitive abilities (memory, judgement, attention) and how they may have been affected by your injury or condition.

The assessment will also consider your mood and behaviour.

The assessment will be carried out by interview and through the use of spoken, visual or pencil and paper tasks.

We will identify your strengths and weaknesses to help develop coping and compensatory strategies, guide rehabilitation goals and monitor your ongoing recovery.

We are skilled in helping treat and manage difficulties with mood or behaviour, or with cognition, with psychological 'talking therapies' and other strategies.

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