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SignHealth's advocacy service works with deaf people to make sure they are treated fairly and that they get what they're entitled to.

It's all done using British Sign Language.

Advocates work to help people understand complicated situations, explain their rights, and make sure their views and opinions are properly heard.

If you use the service our advocates will not take control, tell you what to do, or advise you what is best for you.

Those are things you can do for yourself with the right help.

Our advocates regularly work with clients to sort out problems with hospitals, courts, the prison service, mental health tribunals and social services.

Most of our work is paid for by official organisations.

So, if you are complaining about your treatment at a hospital, we ask the hospital to pay for an advocate. They should agree.

Hearing people would often get access to an advocate. We simply try to offer deaf people the same access.

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