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DeafHope helps deaf women and children who are suffering domestic violence.

The service is run by deaf women and is available in London, and we're trying to expand it elsewhere.

The service also runs Young DeafHope which works with young people, teaching them about the rights and responsibilities which are part of good relationships.

DeafHope is the only sign language-based service designed to help deaf women and children who suffer domestic violence.

Deaf women are more at risk of domestic abuse than hearing women.

When sign language is the main way you communicate it can be very hard to get help.

If you are being abused, the DeafHope team are here to help you. We will help to find you and your children a safe place to stay, and then give you the help you need to rebuild your life and regain your confidence.

Abuse is never right, and never your own fault.

You do not need to put up with it.

To ask for help text 07970 350 366 or email

01494 687 600