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Hi Kent sells a variety of hearing support equipment on the Hi Kent website.

This portable Loop System is ideal for demonstrations, conferences, occasional meetings and guest speakers, and any situation where a hard of hearing person may have difficulty participating.

The Echo® Port-A-Loop ™ system provides a portable induction loop system that is simple to use and flexible for group meetings and interviews.

Rooms of up to 100m² in size may be looped. If the Port-A-Loop ™ is required regularly in the same room, the 38m reel of standard loop wire can be fitted permanently, in order to save time when setting up.

The tangle free wire is mounted on a tidy and is easy to run around the edge of any area when setting up your loop system.

Tangle free wire is 25m in length for the case, up to 50m can be used.

Note: Care must be taken in positioning the wire to avoid the danger of tripping.

The loop pad offers the ideal solution for looping smaller areas such as an information counter, an office desk, or a chair, negating the need to wire the room.

Portable Loop systems can be useful as the lower cost and flexibility make them ideal for smaller organizations or people on the move.

The microphone feeds the speakers voice into MegaLoop amplifier.

The amplifier drives a current into the tangle free loop.

As the current flows through the cable it creates a magnetic field in the required area.

Inside most hearing aids a small coil known as a telecoil picks up the magnetic field signal, which is amplified into a high quality sound signal delivered directly to the ear of the hearing aid user.


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