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Pivotell's Mem-x Voice reminder is a voice memory aid designed for those with some memory loss which tells the user in a familiar pre-recorded voice all they have to do at that time, from special events to taking medication.

The product may help those with cognitive difficulties who are able to continue to live independently provided that they are prompted to perform regular and occasional tasks by a familiar voice.

The front face of the Mem-x is a listening side, with a simple design and functions dedicated to the user.

At the time required the alarm sounds, meaning that the user should press the large central blue button to listen to the pre-recorded message.

Up to 90 messages can be stored, each up to 10 seconds in length.

There is a hinged door on the back side of the Mem-x which reveals the functions to programme the product, choose message type, date and time, record messages and listen to a replay to ensure that the message is as you wish.


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