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PivoTell Ltd.

Product type
  • Alarms
  • Medication

The Pivotell Advance Pill Dispenser has up to 24 daily alarms, visible LCD and a security shutter.

It has the same basic functions as the Pivotell Mk3/11 but with additional security features which include:

A self-locking shutter over the lid opening - preventing access to the medication tray except at the alarm time to avoid double dosing or the forced movement of the medication tray by the user. The tray will not rotate if upside down. When upright it will move to the correct dose for the time and date at the next alarm time.

Start delay and stop functions - Delaying activation or deactivating the dispenser. This is useful for those using multiple dispensers and to allow pharmacists or family members to put in the pills in advance away from home.

The Pivotell Advance Pill Dispenser has:

  • up to 24 daily alarms
  • a 28 section tray
  • secure shutters
  • LCD displays dispenser status
  • start-delay and stop functions
  • upside-down memory
  • a 'doses left' counter
  • an alarm that can sound for 5 hours
  • the ability to review 'dose taken' time

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