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PivoTell Ltd.
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  • Alarms
  • Medication

The Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispenser reminds the user by means of an alarm and flashing light when to take their medication.

It will make the correct dose available at the correct time of day or night, whilst keeping other pills locked out of sight.

Medication is dispensed from an internal tray containing 29 sections.

You may have up to 28 alarm settings. When the alarm sounds the internal tray will rotate one position and the correct dosage will come into view in the lid opening.

Using the dispenser

Pills should be removed from the dispenser by tilting it and pouring the pills into the hand or a suitable container. This will also cancel the alarm signal and flashing light.

Two or more compartments can be programmed to alarm at the same time, for those with many or large pills.

A start delay function delays activation to allow pharmacists or family members to easily fill the pills in advance away from the user's home.


A Pharmacy label carrier and label case is supplied, as are discs for 1,2,3 and 4 times daily dosage and one blank disc for five or more doses per day.

The dispenser is lockable, has four different alarm sounds and a flashing light function, and the medication tray rotation is disabled if the dispenser is left upside down to avoid pill spillage.

The dispenser also has a battery level meter and warning indicator.


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