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Pivotell produces the Vibralite 8 vibrating watch which is useful for those with a hearing impairment or those who need discrete reminders for medication and medical conditions and keeping on schedule.

How it works

Vibrations on the wrist can alert the wearer without disturbing others, with up to 8 alarms and an auto-repeat countdown timer option (for example a repeat alarm for time sensitive medication, reminders to empty one's bladder or keep hydrated).

The audible alarm and/or vibrate only can be set according to your needs. The alarm vibrates or sounds for approximately 20 seconds with automatic shut-off during that time.

It can also be stopped manually during the 20 seconds by pressing any button.

The countdown timer with auto repeat option is for ongoing pre-set intervals and automatically repeats each time the countdown reaches zero when set for repeat (for example every 2 hours for timed bathroom visits).


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