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PivoTell Ltd.
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  • Alarms
  • Medication.

PivoTell's Vibralite Mini Watch Reminder is a smaller version of the Vibralite 8 and is the smallest vibrating watch available. Wrist straps fit wrist sizes 14 to 18cm.

It is designed for women, children or young adults who have a hearing impairment or who need a very discrete reminder.

Vibrations on the wrist can alert the wearer without disturbing others, with up to 12 alarms and an auto-repeat countdown timer option (for example, a repeat alarm for time sensitive medication or for reminders to empty one's bladder or keep hydrated.

The audible alarm and/or vibrate alarm only can be set to suit your preference. 

The back light stays on while any button is being pressed to make the watch easier to use in the dark.

To avoid alarm settings being accidentally tampered with, it is possible to lock the alarm settings.

There is an hourly alert option that gives a short one second reminder every hour on the hour.

The watch is water resistant and has a stopwatch function which is useful for sports, cooking, nap times.


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