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Broomhill Park is a much-valued open space in Strood, combining recreational opportunities with panoramic views of much of Medway, the rivers Medway and Thames.

Broomhill is part of the North Downs ridge of Chalk that finishes on the Hoo Peninsular and was formed in the Cretaceous period. Broomhill has also been important for farming, limestone quarrying and flour grinding.

We have a Broomhill friends group, which help to maintain the park.

Historic background

During the 19 century there were a total of 8 windmills on or around Broomhill, but all had disappeared by the mid 20 century. If you're lucky you may find prehistoric fossils, especially oyster shells, washed up by the sea that used to cover the area. Chalk was quarried at Broomhill from Roman times until the last quarry was closed in the middle of the 20th century. There were also several limekilns on the site from the Middle Ages, which were still in use in the 19th century.

Through history, the summit has been used strategically in battle. In 1264 Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester and leader of the 2nd Barons’ uprising, used Broomhill to plan his strategy for capturing Rochester Castle. When the rebellion in 1554 against Queen Mary marrying Philip of Spain failed, Norfolk and other royalists escaped over the hill to Gravesend.

During the time of the Spanish Armada, Broomhill was part of the chain of early warning beacons set up from strategic points along the south coast, criss-crossing Sussex, Surrey and Kent to London. An Anglo-Saxon grave was found on the site, which contained a spearhead, knife and bronze ring set with an amethyst, which can be seen in the Guildhall Museum.


Broomhill Park
King Arthurs Drive


Children's play area with:

  • climbing units
  • swings
  • swings with toddler seat
  • tyre swing
  • springer

Broomhill Park also has:

  • a picnic area
  • fitness equipment
  • walking routes
  • wildflower area
  • woodlands
  • sculptures
  • car parking
Disabled access
A play park


View of trees
Open park with trees