• Date: 6th May 2019
  • Location: Rochester Castle, Castle Hill
    ME1 1SW
  • Time: 11:00 - 16:00
  • Cost: Free

Splat! returns with a mixture of free and affordable fun including family craft workshops, children’s shows and roaming performers during Rochester Sweeps Festival.


  • Garaghty and Thom
  • Pif Paf’s 'SEED'
  • The Fairyland Trust
  • Busy Lizzy
  • Summer Island
  • Bees!
  • Rambling On
  • Balloonatic
  • Magical Butterfly
  • The Pram

Garaghty and Thom

Two highly skilled individual performers come together as a double act like no other. Stunning tricks and hilarious comedy combine to create unique live shows full of mayhem- some planned some made up on the spot.

Their highly energised performances have been seen across the World. They have amazed audience in theatres, on TV and Radio, in cabaret and creating pop up crowds with their street theatre shows. 

Richard Garaghty and Goronwy Thom have both worked as solo performers since they were teenagers so have been in show business for over 20 years! 

Garaghty and thom with unicycles

Pif Paf’s 'SEED'

A surprising and inspiring hitchhike on the journey from small acorns to great oaks with a Rockabilly Tree-Planting Anarcho-Nomad.

Join Wilford planting trees where he shouldn’t - living in his shed and on the run from his past and his arch-enemies, slugs, out to get him for his contraband seeds.

Intimate and explosive, this one man static street theatre show is full of captivating images, puppetry, giant inflatables, live and specially composed music.

Plus Pif-Paf’s trademark Heath Robinson meets Mad Max inventions and a journey into the life of the young and ancient living beings that we walk under every day.

Performer from Pif and paf's 'seed'

Busy Lizzie

A delightful puppet walkabout show featuring the 'ancient flower woman puppet Busy Lizzy', carrying her cargo of flowers and foliage and interacting with the public.

Meadow sweet and balmy in both scent and nature, meet this colourful wayfarer as she journeys on through the garden of life. She’s a woman with flower power from long, long ago, and though ancient she may be, going to seed she certainly is not.

So weed out your woes and partake of her wildflowers and wise words, rituals and remedies, befuddlement and bemusement. Lift your gloom with a bloom, calm your hysteria with wisteria, snore no more with herbivore, learn to chuckle with honeysuckle, and find your power in a flower! Her bloom is everlasting for you’ll forget-her-not!

Busy Lizzie

Summer Island presented by Daisy Farris and Nicola Barker

Performed in a beautiful small tent, be part of the audience following the delightful puppets, Sophie and her Grandmother.

Watch as they spend time together eating strawberries, listening to the long tailed ducks, watching flying fish from their boat and building a camp fire on their Summer Island.

This magical interactive performance is about adventure, nature and the puppets love for each other and their island life.

Suitable for 4+yrs. Small children must be accompanied by an adult.

Summer Island craft dolls


With typical panache and imagination, Artizani and Avanti Display collaborate on a new walkabout performance and installation. Bees! is a multi-sensory experience in which audiences get up close and personal with our deluxe and sumptuous beehive.

In a secular ritual, the hive is carried shoulder high in a procession by two devotees of the esteemed bee. Once set down and consecrated, step forward: hear the bee! Feel the bee! Smell the bee! Taste the bee! And if you dare, put your eye up to the hive and see the bee! With a hilarious sting in the tail, this is a miniature installation with a huge visual impact.

Also available as an installation of six hives all hiding a unique interior world. The hives are tended by our ethereal beekeepers and kept passive by clouds of smoke, colourfully lit at night. Each hive contains a surreally imagined aspect of the secret life of bees, such as the bee cinema – did you know bees were massive fans of spaghetti westerns?

Splat Bees!

Rambling On

Based on the premise that life is a journey, our two travellers are just passing through. They have a map, but it doesn’t make much sense. They are trying to get somewhere important, but they are not entirely sure where that is. Along the way however they have seen some incredible things and have tall tales to tell and tricks to show…

Carrying rucksacks that swing open into small puppet sets, many other surprises and delights, our wanderers will amuse all with the general buffoonery of being lost, overloaded and without a clue, and then amaze and enthral with their innovative and unexpected puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling.


Decorating people with incredible hats, giant costumes and hilarious balloon toys gets everyone laughing and they will even amaze passers-by with their astonishing caricatures (made entirely from balloons). While making the models. the Balloonatics keep the crowds entertained with lots of comic interaction and banter. They also operate a unique ticket system so that the first people who arrive are guaranteed a balloon.


Magical Butterfly

This walkabout brings a big splash of colour and enchantment to your event that will leave both adults and children absolutely spellbound. A hypnotising act; perfect for nature, animal and other themed events for those looking for something colourful, eye catching and completely different. Her rare and unique skill of contact juggling always leaves guests thrilled as she effortlessly rolls the balls around her hand and body, as they appear to magically float like they have a mind of their own.

Amy Amelia Arts

The Pram

Attention! Colourful Edwardian character wheels curious, bubble-blowing, musical cart through town. Jolly street organ tunes accompanied by percussion and taxi horn cause one man bandemonium and streets full of laughter.

The Pram