Splat promo image
  • Date: 7th May 2018
  • Location: Rochester Castle, Castle Hill
    ME1 1SW
  • Time: 11:00 - 16:00
  • Cost: Free

Splat! is a family event offering hands-on workshops in Rochester Castle Moat on Monday 7 May 2018, 11am to 4pm as part of Rochester Sweeps Festival.

What's on


The Crow House - Circo Rum Ba Ba

A derelict house appears in the middle of the street. The windows are shattered and a keep out sign bars the front door. A furious bird has taken up residency in the chimney and squawks territorially when anyone comes near the house. 

One by one three very different characters arrive through the audience and try to take over the house. A battle of wills and skills ensues with ducking and diving, wheeling and dealing and ingenious plans evolving as each person tries to gain a room inside.  Little by little in a choreographed frenzy of acrobatics, silks trapeze, hat juggling and slap stick they begin to accept each other and work to create a home, together, within the battered house. The only remaining problem ... the furious bird in the chimney.

A wonderful silent movie inspired show using an eclectic mix of circus, puppetry, musical saw, harp playing and audience participation.

The Chimney Sweeps

Circle of Two present their new show featuring juggling, comedy acrobatics and loads of charm!

Swank - Green Fingered Gals

‘Margery Mayflower’ and ‘Rosemary Bush’ are keen to get their green fingers on everything. It’s their responsibility to make sure the public grow into healthy specimens, watering the weedy, pruning the needy, encouraging all to grow tall, these buxom girls keep the world in herbaceous order.

Posh and bumbling, this pair of hilarious haughty horticulturalists and gardening obsessives are armed with watering cans and their own inimitable knowledge of long Latin names, gardening terms and helpful tips to share with anyone who cares to listen.

The Fairyland Trust - May Day Crowns

Create a May day Crown to take home inside the magical tent using willow, leaves and flowers whilst learning about our native trees and wildflowers. 

Bootworks Theatre present The JukeBoxes

Two beautiful 1950’s Jukeboxes sit side-by-side. Watch them spring to life as two performers (hidden inside) re-create classic pop music videos in a lip-syncing musical medley. Using props, masks, puppets and a terrible selection of wigs, the kitsch duo animate some of our favourite celebrity pop-stars from past and present. The Beatles, Sinead O’Connor, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Wonder and Adele all make cameos - and audiences are encouraged to sing or dance along with the show. Whatever your age, there’s a little something for everyone.

The Vegetable Nannies

The Vegetable Nannies are two everyday gardeners who’ve taken their young vegetables out of the ground for a day trip. 

So, if you see an old pram brimming with some beautiful bouncing baby vegetables, go over and say hello. No doubt the Nannies could use a hand in feeding and taking care of the little family that includes Beverly the cabbage, David the shy little marrow and many more’         

Dan the Hat

Dan will win over his audience with his high energy and highly likeable onstage persona.

With brilliant comic timing, Dan takes you on a frenzied journey of skills and trickery from his dazzling yoyo routines to his jaw-dropping hat manipulation techniques.

Audience beware! Dan the Hat will pick volunteers at random… anything can happen and it usually does! The full show is perfect for either street or stage. Dan is also an excellent compere using his plethora of skills and comedy to win over any audience.