• Date: 19th September 2020
  • Location: Broomhill Park, King Arthurs Drive
    ME2 3NB
  • Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Cost: Free

Come along for a jam-packed family fun day out with activities.


Tiny the huge Triceratops is simply jaw-dropping!

A gentle giant, At 5.5 metres long, he has an awesome presence and is adored by all ages.

He loves playing follow-my-leader with a trail of tiny tots stomping along behind him.


Baxter the T.Rex is super agile, fun, fast and mischievous!

Baxter the T-Rex

The Dino Babies are simply adorable! Each has a quirky character of its own. They always enjoy doing extra meeting and greeting before or after shows – and meeting your young visitors.

And they simply love taking part in feeding times! Always hungry and often cheeky (and with very poor table manners) the Dino Babies make feeding time sessions funny, as well as chaotic. There’ll certainly be lots of giggles and special moments for your little guests.

Dino babies

Jurassic Playground

Bring your budding palaeontologists and little explorers to let off steam while they go on a Jurassic adventure.

A time for role-play and photo opportunities. Dress up in our mini dino wrangler outfits, jump along the stepping stones, crawl through the jungle tunnels, camp out in the camouflage tents, read a dinosaur book and search for dinosaur footprints. You might even find a baby dinosaur hiding somewhere. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Cretaceous Craft Corner

Calling all young dinosaur fans to come and enjoy some creative fun in our Cretaceous Craft Corner!

Giant Fuzzy Felt

Come and have some fuzzy felt fun with your friends and families, where together you can create a dinosaur landscape. Using fuzzy felt dinosaurs, trees and hills, rocks, rivers and lakes, you can decide if a giant T.rex comes face-to-face with a huge triceratops, Spinosaurus or even a Parasaurolophus! Lots more dinosaurs and pterosaurs can be added to the giant picture story - so interact with other Dino fans joining in the fuzzy fun!

Giant Dinosaur Collage

Be creative! Come along with your family to our Cretaceous Craft Corner and look for the giant T.rex collage. Join in this creative group activity and help stick small squares of colourful, recycled cloth materials onto our big picture of Dexter, the large T.rex. Drop in whenever you like!

Build an Ankylosaurus Skeleton!

We love recycling and we’ve collected lots of black plastic food tubs - and we’re now giving them a new purpose in life! Join in with others to create one big skeleton, or have a construction competition against another team. Use your science and art skills to construct the skeleton of a spiky, bumpy, lumpy Ankylosaurus! Look out for Tank, our cute baby Ankylosaurus, who might even come and watch or join in the fun!

More activities to be announced soon.


Getting there

There is no parking available on site. There will be limited Blue Badge parking (free) which will be signposted on the day of the event.

Bus services include the 190 Arriva bus, then a short walk to the park.

These services and more can be found on the Arriva website.

There are no train stations within walking distance to the event.