Islands of the Medway Estuary
MAC spring lecture series: Islands of the Medway Estuary
  • Date: 28th February 2023
  • Location: Medway Archives Centre (MAC), 32 Bryant Road
    ME2 3EP
  • Time: 14:00
  • Cost: £4 each or £20 for the full series of 6 talks

Speaker: Adam Taylor

This talk is in collaboration with the Friends of Medway Archives (FOMA).

At the first of our Medway Archives Centre (MAC) spring series of lectures, you can:

  • explore and find out who lived on the once inhabited islands of the Medway Estuary
  • hear how a World War 1 German submarine ended up where it is now
  • discover how the twin forts of Hoo and Darnet were built
  • hear the story of the pub which stood on an island in the middle of the Estuary
  • find out where samphire grows.

He will also take a close look at some of the flora and fauna of this huge, beautiful wilderness that is the Medway Estuary.

Adam’s presentation draws on many sources, such as:

  • census records
  • photos
  • Victorian technical plans
  • personal experience
  • several trips to the National Archives.

This talk gives you a chance to learn about the Medway islands without getting your feet wet.

About the speaker

Adam is a keen canoeist with 15 years experience of paddling a 14 foot Canadian canoe.

He has canoed in many places including:

  • the backcountry of Ontario
  • the lakes of Finland
  • Sweden
  • beautiful places here in the UK.

The islands and marshes of the Medway Estuary are where his heart is.

The MAC spring lecture series

This is one of 6 talks in the MAC spring lecture series.

Each talk costs £4 per ticket or you can book a space to all 6 talks for £20.

To book, visit the Medway Archives Centre events page.