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Road closures and traffic management

As part of the construction works associated with the new Maritime Academy, we need to put traffic management in place.

A 250 metre section of road is being closed on the A228 from The Sans Pareil roundabout to Brickfield View. The closure will be in place from 11 March until 21 June 2024.

Why traffic management is needed

The works being carried out are needed to complete the new Maritime Academy School. The school is vital to the future education of children in Medway, particularly in the Strood and Rochester area.

The school will provide 1,050 places for secondary aged pupils in Medway.

There is an urgent need for additional places as other local schools are either full or close to being full. The new school will help us meet demand.

This will be a community facility and will reduce the number and distance of journeys to and from schools for local children.

The academy is opening in September 2024 so these works must be completed to meet this deadline.

Project plan

The essential highway work involves:

  • widening the carriageway
  • building a new slip road into the school
  • renewing the pedestrian crossings
  • resurfacing the roads and footpaths around the area of works
  • installing new traffic signals
  • adding utility connections to the school, such as gas, electric and water.

Closing a short distance of the road is needed so the highway works can be completed safely. Closing the road in this way reduces the works programme by 4 weeks.

A thorough review was completed to find the most efficient way of managing these essential works. These included alternative traffic management methods rather than a road closure, such as:

  • 2 way traffic signals on Frindsbury Hill
  • full signalisation of the Sans Pareil roundabout
  • closure of the Strood bound A228 from The Sans Pareil roundabout
  • the total closure of this section of road.

This work was done in consultation with many internal and external stakeholders, including bus companies, to make sure the disruption is kept to a minimum.

A test was also carried out using 2 way traffic signals on Frindsbury Hill in the area of these proposed works. This resulted in gridlock at the roundabout, causing severe traffic delays on the surrounding roads.

The full road closure will eliminate a build-up of traffic at the roundabout.

Traffic diversions during the works

In order to keep traffic moving around Medway:

  • Canal Road will be temporarily opened to allow access to the A2 from Medway City Estate
  • signage will be placed on all the major approaches to the area, including the National Highway Network on the A2 at Cobham, as well as Kent County Council’s road network on and around the A226
  • diversion signage will be placed on the A289, A226 and A2
  • there will be speed restrictions on the approaches to the works
  • parking restrictions will be in place on the A226 as it approaches the A2 at Strood
  • additional work is in hand to improve the signals around Strood to keep traffic moving
  • all other street works in the area have been deferred or completed before the Maritime Academy works start to reduce potential emergency works.

Map of road closures and diversions during the works

Frindsbury works map

Bus diversions

Arriva/ASD: 191

Divert via Hollywood Lane, Brompton Farm Road, Gravesend Road, A2 Strood (both directions. Wainscott passengers to board and alight at Hoo Road/Liberty Park and Hollywood Lane stops at Higham Road and Greenfields Close). In Strood, board for 191 towards Hoo/Grain at Commercial Road Stop G (opposite McDonalds).

The 191 will not be stopping at:

  • North Street
    • Strood Post Office
    • St Mary's Road
  • A228 Frindsbury Road
    • Station Road
    • English Martyrs Church
    • Bingham Road
    • Sans Pareil
  • Wainscott Road
    • Gill Avenue
    • The Walk.

Arriva 193 Sunday

The Sunday 193 service will follow the same diversion as the 191. For more information visit the Arriva bus website.

Arriva 692/694

School Services 692 and 694 will follow the 191 diversions in both directions. With the 694 not being able to serve Wainscott Road, the bus will turn at Four Elms roundabout and serve the bus stops at:

  • Hollywood Lane
  • Higham Road
  • Greenfields Close.

Arriva/ASD 133

Normal route via Cliffe Road. Service may have extra delays due to more traffic using alternative routes.

ASD 170

Due to Canal Road Strood only working in 1 direction, ASD 170 in both directions will divert along A2 to Strood, at Chatham end will serve via Chatham Waterfront via Medway Tunnel to Medway City Estate Neptune roundabout. 170 will not be serving:

  • Whitewall Road
  • Commissioners Road
  • Canal Road.

Passengers to proceed to stops at Anthonys Way, or the A2.

For more information visit the ASD coaches website.

Nu-Venture 172/173/197

Will run normal route, likely to be subject to delays. For more information visit the Nu-Venture website.

Nu-Venture 652/671(pm)/673

652 afternoon journeys will divert through the A2 through Rochester and Chatham to avoid Canal Road. Morning journeys will follow normal route via Canal Road but this may lead to delays.

671 will divert away from Frindsbury and the Sans Pareil, and serve Wainscott Road only on route to the Hundred of Hoo. 

Afternoon journey to follow morning route. Frindsbury passengers should use 601 and 673 services. 673 will be diverted via Hollywood Lane, avoiding Frindsbury and the Sans Pareil in both directions.

Farleigh Coaches Buses to Maritime Academy Twydall

Cedar Road

Will remain picking up at the same point but travel along M2 instead of through the Medway Towns.

North Street

Pick up point will be moved from North Street to A2 by Canal Road (Passmores) bus stop. Bus will then take a route which is either through Chatham Bus Station and back onto Pier Road or up A2 Chatham Hill to Twydall.


Buses will continue to pick up outside Wainscott Primary School and proceed the normal route through the tunnel. For more information visit the Farleigh Coaches website.

Programme of works

Month of work starting Works to be completed Work duration
March 2024 traffic management in place 11 March to 21 June 2024
March 2024 site clearance and enabling works 1 week
March 2024 earthworks 2 weeks
March 2024 drainage 5 weeks and 1 day
April 2024 ducting 2 weeks
April 2024 roadworks 6 weeks and 3 days
April 2024 paving 3 weeks and 3 days
May 2024 finishes 1 week and 2 days
May 2024 traffic management and site clearance 1 day
May 2024 earthworks 4 days
May 2024 drainage 3 days
May 2024 ducting 1 day
May 2024 roadworks 1 week
June 2024 sub-base trim 1 day
June 2024 paving 4 days
June 2024 finishes 1 week
June 2024 final surfacing and lining works 1 week and 1 day
June 2024 traffic management 2 days
June 2024 paving 3 days
June 2024 finishes 1 week and 1 day

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