Help local school children discover more about our multicultural history

Medway’s towns, villages and communities are rich in history, but much remains hidden or not widely shared.

We're working with local schools in 2022 who are keen to use this local knowledge to enrich their curriculums with local content.

We’re looking to uncover stories from Medway's hidden history to help more school children learn about our proud multicultural history.

The project has inclusivity at its core and it’s aimed at everyone in Medway. If you have a hidden hero or story that celebrates Medway’s proud history, share it with us.

There’s more to Medway than Charles Dickens

You probably know about Charles Dickens, but did you know about the Medway history of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, protégée and goddaughter of Queen Victoria? 

What about journalist, broadcaster and TV executive Sir David Frost, or Sydney Turner from Luton who unearthed a prehistoric elephant in Upnor?

With your help, we can shine the light on the largely unknown stories of Medway’s heroes in time. And we’re not just looking for stories of famous individuals.

If you or your family had a relative or friend with a connection to Medway and a fascinating story that reflects Medway’s history, we’re keen to hear from you.

We’re after stories from various centuries, not just from the 21st century. If you have stories of ancestors who grew up in Medway, get in touch.

Share your story

Do you know someone:

  • whose story should be shared more widely from your community?
  • who, at some point, lived or worked in Medway and was a positive role model in local or national society?

If you have a hidden hero or story that celebrates Medway’s proud history, share it with us by emailing

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