Fraud is a criminal offence

Fraud is when someone acts dishonestly to make a gain for themselves or another person.

People who commit fraud may be:

  • telling us false information
  • failing to tell us about certain things
  • abusing their position.

Fraud and corruption have a direct impact on the community as losses to us can mean cuts in services or increases in Council Tax costs to maintain services.

Our Counter-Fraud and Corruption Strategy aims to prevent this from happening by promoting detection and supporting investigation.

Report fraud

You can help us to fight fraud by reporting your concerns or suspicions to us using our online form.

You do not need to leave your details when completing the form. If you do want to leave your details, they will be kept in the strictest confidence.

You can report:

  • Housing Benefit fraud
  • Council Tax fraud
  • housing fraud
  • Right to Buy fraud
  • school admissions fraud
  • parking permit fraud
  • insurance fraud.

Report suspected fraud

Once you've reported something to us, we'll evaluate it to decide whether to investigate it. The more information you give us the better, as it will make the evaluation more comprehensive, and a successful outcome more likely. 

All benefit fraud allegations will be passed to the Single Fraud Investigation Service. They will conduct their own evaluation.

We're not able to comment upon ongoing investigations and, due to data protection law, we cannot give feedback on any reported allegations. So, if you report a suspected fraud, we will not be able to update you on how an investigation is proceeding.