Terms and conditions

Time eligibility policy

This statement relates to a policy which has been adapted as part of the criteria in assessing whether a development put forward for the Medway Design and Regeneration Awards (MDRA) technically qualifies in term of timescales, specifically when the project was started and more importantly it has been substantially implemented or completed. 

A development project must have been substantially implemented or completed as of 31 May 2022 for it to be eligible for entry into any of the categories for MDRA. 

For the MDRA, the definition of substantially implemented or completed is based on if the project has reached more than 60% of its total build stage. 

If a scheme is not deemed complete at the time of judging, it will be disqualified. 

This criterion is necessary to allow any entry to be entirely completed and thereby available for the MDRA organisers to properly assess, inspect and duly consider each and any project by the judging panel during the summer months of 2022.

All entrants who wish to check, or are uncertain of whether their project is eligible, should forward a brief written statement with basic details of the actual build start date on site, a build programme and an accurate status position. 

Post your request for eligibility clarification to:

Dave Harris
Head of Planning
Medway Council
Gun Wharf
Dock Road
ME4 4TR.

Or email dave.harris@medway.gov.uk.

Medway Council as the competition organiser reserves the right to exclude any entry which does not satisfy this or any other criteria. Decisions on the eligibility of any entry will be final and not subject to challenge or appeal.