The address you use on your child’s school application is important and will be used to calculate the home to school distance for schools you apply for.

The address you provide must be your child’s main place of residence.

This means they must live at this address permanently or the address of the parent where the child spends most school nights as of the application deadline. School nights are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as children will be travelling to school from that address the next day.

You can only use one address in your application.

If you're unsure of the address to use, email

If you're moving address shortly

You must use your child's current main address when you apply, even if you’re moving shortly after the closing date for school applications.

If you’re moving after you have submitted your application, you will need to send proof of your move. This proof could be a copy of your exchange of contract or a signed and dated tenancy agreement.

You must tell us about the move and provide proof by 10 November 2023 for secondary school applications and 26 January 2024 for primary school applications.

After these dates we will use the original address given to us at the time of application to calculate the home to school distances.

If you give a false address

If you provide an incorrect address in your school application and a place is offered based on this information, we will withdraw the school place offered and offer it to another child. We advise you do not name the wrong address on your application as you will lose your school place.

If any part of an application is thought to be false we will verify details such as your address with other relevant bodies.

If you think someone has provided incorrect information on their school application email to tell us. We will treat your email in confidence and keep your personal information private.

We will not be able to tell you the outcome of any investigation.

If we ask for proof of address

We may contact you if we need you to provide proof of the address where your child is living.

Copies of any letters must be dated during the application period. Any proof dated outside of the application period may not be accepted, as you will need to prove your child's address at the time of applying.

If a query is raised, we will verify details such as your address with other relevant bodies.