Children reach compulsory school age when they turn five and must be in school no later than the term after their fifth birthday.

If you'd like to defer or delay your child's start date, there are two options open to you.

Deferred start date in the same academic year

All school offers are made for the start of the academic year in September.

If you want your child to start school later in the academic year, you need to apply for a school place at the normal time and speak to the school about your child starting later once an offer is made.

You can only defer the start date within the same academic year. Once agreed, the school will hold the place your child has been offered.

If you do not want your child to start school until the next academic year, you can request a delayed start date.

Delay start date to the next academic year (summer born children)

If your child is born between the 1 April and 31 August, they’re classed as summer born and you can request a delayed start to school. This means you want them to start year R (reception) a year after other children their age.

To be considered for a delayed start, you need to follow the Medway Council protocol for the admission of summer born children.

If your request is not granted and you still do not want your child to start until the following year, you'll need to apply as an in-year admission at that time but for a year 1 place.

This means your child will start school a year later, but will have missed year R (reception).