Most Medway infant schools are paired with a junior school. This means children who attend the infant school have a higher priority for a place in the paired junior school than children that do not go to the infant school.
You can still apply for a junior school that is not paired with your child's infant school, but your child will be considered as a lower priority.
Transfer to a junior school is not automatic. If your child attends a Medway infant school, you must apply for them to go to year 3 in a junior school.

Paired infant and junior schools in Medway

  • Balfour Infant School and Balfour Junior Academy
  • Bligh Primary School - Infants and Bligh Primary School – Juniors
  • Crest Infant School and Delce Academy
  • Academy of Cuxton Schools – Infants and Academy of Cuxton Schools – Juniors
  • Featherby Infant School and Featherby Junior School
  • Gordon Children's Academy – Infants and Gordon Children's Academy – Junior
  • Hempstead Schools Federation Infants and Hempstead Schools Federation Juniors
  • Horsted School - Infants and Horsted School – Juniors
  • St John's CE Infant School and Balfour Junior Academy
  • St Margaret's Infant School and St Margaret's CE Junior School
  • St Peter's Infant School and Delce Academy