You can name up to 6 preferences on your school application.

You should put the schools in the order you want them to be considered, such as 'Preference 1' for the school you would like your child to go to most.

You should name as many schools as possible to give your child the best chance of getting a school place you'll be happy with.

You cannot make an appeal for a school you have not named on your application and naming only one school does not guarantee your child a place in that school.

You cannot make changes to your preferences after the closing date for applications unless it's for good reason. If you would like to change your preferences after the closing date, email The deadline is 11 November 2022 for secondary school applications and is 27 January 2023 for primary school applications.

How school places are offered

All school places are offered based on the oversubscription criteria for each school and not by your order of preference.  

We will not tell the schools which preference they have been given, as they do not need to consider your child's application. The order of your preferences is between you and Medway Council so we can try to offer your child a place at one of your highest preferred schools.