When applying for some schools you will need to complete a supplementary information form (SIF) as well as the school application you submit to Medway Council.

A SIF will ask you to provide information to help the school use their oversubscription criteria correctly when allocating places.

You must collect an SIF from the school, complete it and return it to the school by the closing date for applications.

You must complete the SIF for the school as well as the application form to Medway Council. Submitting a SIF does not mean you have applied for the school.

Schools requiring an SIF

For secondary admissions to Rainham Mark Grammar School and The Rochester Grammar School, they require SIFs to determine eligibility to their pupil premium criteria. If your child receives free school meals and you want to apply to those schools, you need to complete their SIFs.

For primary admissions, faith schools require a SIF to determine whether your child meets their faith criteria.

To find out if the school you're applying for requires a SIF search for the school.