About educational psychologists

All qualified educational psychologists (EPs) employed by Medway Council are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

We also employ trainee educational psychologists, who are in their second or third year of their doctoral training.

To qualify as an educational psychologist you need:

  • a first degree in psychology
  • experience working with children (for example as a teacher)
  • a three-year doctorate degree in educational psychology

Every local authority school in Medway has a named educational psychologist to contact for support and advice.

If you would like more information about this contact your child's school first or phone the council on 01634 335 647.

Role of educational psychologists

Educational psychologists consider all aspects of a child or young person's life in trying to understand his or her needs, taking into account his or her social, emotional and educational worlds.

This enables them to suggest ways to meet these needs, both in the school and at home.

They aim to help children or young people to achieve socially as well as academically, both in school and in the community. They do this by working with individual children or young people, their parents or carers and teachers, as well as with other agencies.