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27 Grassroots sports are expanding and more teams are registering but with little places to play and train, we would like the council to build new pitches and install lights within the area, to be able to suit the needs of all clubs 14 October 2021 A summary of the response will be published when available.  
26 Medway Council to take action in implementing effective traffic calming measures along the entirety of Marlborough Road where they are not already in existence 14 September 2021 A summary of the response will be published when available.  
25 Objection to Planning Petition MC21/2771: 209 to 217 Rochester High St 31 August 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation.  
24 No Mow May 6 September 2021 A summary of the response will be published when available.  
23 Objection to Licensing Application Gabrielas Café 48 to 52 Napier Road Gillingham  6 September 2021 This petition relates to a licensing application and is being dealt with under licensing legislation.  
22 Speed cameras on Four Elms Hill 6 August 2021 A summary of the response will be published when available.  
21 Objection to planning application MC/21/1455 Chestnut Avenue, Chatham 23 June 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation.  
20 Provide a Road Crossing Patrol Officer for Chattenden Primary School 30 June 2021 A summary of the response will be published when available.  
19 Objection to planning application MC/21/1564 residential children’s home 28 June 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation.  
18 Petition in support of the planning application MC/21/1502: Fish and Chips takeaway 15 June 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable
17 Resurface the back driveway to the rear access of Halling High St 2 June 2021  A summary of the response will be published when available.  
16 Planning Application  MC/20/2601: Support Hedgehog Nursery bid to open in Rainham  11 May 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable
15 Say No to garage on Napier Road 30 April 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable
14 Plant more trees to reduce Medway’s Carbon Footprint - Stop Killing Our Planet 26 April 2021

In January 2021, we adopted the Kent and Medway Energy Low Emissions Strategy which sets an agreed Kent and Medway target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We were successfully awarded funding from the Urban Tree Challenge Fund in 2020 which enabled over 10,500 trees to be planted across 10 sites. We will continue to respond to future funding opportunities to extend the tree canopy coverage and are developing a tree strategy to set clear targets and actions.

While we recognise the clear benefits of increased tree canopy, such as improved biodiversity and physical and mental health, trees are just one of the natural solutions to climate change and resilience.

Our Climate Change Action Plan includes actions to protect other green infrastructure assets, such as grassland and saltmarshes and supports a range of approaches to achieving net zero carbon through reducing energy usage and eliminating carbon through the introduction of renewable sources. As Medway Council accounts for just 1.4% of Medway's carbon footprint, we have included actions in the plan to support others in reducing and eliminating their carbon emissions. The Climate Change Action Plan is due to be presented to Cabinet in June (Note: this was considered by the Cabinet on 8 June 2021 – agenda item 8 refers: Cabinet Agenda 8 June 2021). 

No review requested
13 Reinstate CCTV in Rainham Recreation Ground 26 April 2021

Medway's CCTV cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are focused on maintaining the safety of our town centres, transport hubs and areas of high night-time economy. This maximises the time each camera is actively watched by the operative and therefore the chance they can intervene in cases of serious crime or risk to the safety of residents.

The Community Safety Team is in constant consultation with Police colleagues over the types of anti-social behaviour in different areas, and the best way to combat them. It has been agreed that CCTV would offer little real value to addressing the needs of the area, and that a more effective use of resource is a physical presence. Since the end of February, Kent Police has granted 5 Anti-Social Behaviour dispersal authorities in the area of Rainham Recreation Ground, resulting in numerous people being required to leave the area.

This has been supplemented by an enhanced patrol regime of the local PCSO team, as well as on several occasions the redeployment to the area of the Community Policing Team and the Town Centre Team. Unfortunately, the deployment of CCTV to the park could be considered an unacceptable diversion of resources from our town centres and therefore we would not be advocating this at the present time. 

No review requested
12 To reject plans to build a relief road on Deangate Ridge Golf and Sports Complex. We call on Medway Council to retain Deangate Ridge Golf and Sports Complex as an asset that would further the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community such as a country park. 22 April 2021

The emerging Medway Local Plan is required to plan positively for the high levels of housing need set out in government policy. We are considering growth on the Hoo Peninsula as part of our proposed strategy for delivering sustainable growth across Medway. Sustainable development seeks positive outcomes for the environment, communities and the economy. The HIF programme provides for some of the investments for transport upgrades.

The wider work on our new Local Plan will further consider how to deliver sustainable development on the Hoo Peninsula, providing land for homes, jobs, services, shops, community facilities, parks and open spaces. Decisions on future use of land will form part of the new Local Plan that will be submitted to Government for independent examination. We continue to consider and explore the long-term future of the former Deangate Golf Course and the adjacent athletics track.

The HIF-related relief road has been consulted on through the HIF consultation that ran between January and April this year. We will be analysing the consultation responses and will then be in a position to review the highway design proposals and respond accordingly.

Until as a minimum, the Hoo Development Framework is complete and published as part of the Local Plan processes, we will not be finalising future land uses across either the former golf course or athletics track. 

To be considered by the Regeneration, Culture and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 12 August 2021 
11 The Council to stop the junction and flyover at Higham Road and Islingham Farm Road HIF Phase 1 and 2 12 April 2021

Our HIF proposals comprise road, rail and environmental infrastructure investments which will enable us to meet our legal requirements to provide for housing, linked to the Government's challenging housing targets for Medway.

The road proposals are being designed to take account of traffic benefits, environmental interests, safety, cost and deliverability, and the relationship with housing proposals being brought forward on the Peninsula. They will be subject to a full Environmental Impact Assessment which will form a key component of the final HIF road planning application and will set out the likely environmental impacts of the scheme and, importantly, the measures that will be taken to avoid, prevent or reduce any significant adverse effects. Surveys on noise, visual impact, lighting and air quality will be undertaken in 2021.

The current road proposals do support a change in traffic speed along lslingham Farm Road from 20 to 30 mph, but this would be on a road with lanes in each direction, rather than the current single lane with passing places. There will be a new walkway and cycleway between the road and the residential properties along lslingham Farm Road continuing along Woodfield Way towards Chattenden.

There will be further opportunities for public and stakeholder participation. During the January to April 2021 HIF consultation, local residents have sent us a number of alternative proposals for phases 1 and 2. We are currently reviewing each of these proposals and will be reporting back later in this year once the review is complete.

No review requested
10 Install suicide barriers on the M2 motorway footpath 29 March 2021

All motorways within England are the responsibility of Highways England, which is a government company that operates, maintains and improves England's motorways. They are contactable on 0300 123 5000 or via their website at

As a local authority, we have no remit for motorways.

No review requested
9 End herbicide use in our parks and greenspaces 11 March 2021

The quantity of chemical applied in greenspaces was not significant to make key changes to the biodiversity. The Council will review each year and support other actions on climate change:

  1. Reduce grass cutting on some roads to increase new biodiverse areas.
  2. Increase mini meadows in parks.
  3. Plant additional 1million bulbs in parks and verges
  4. Not use chemicals in play areas.

The view of Government and HSE remains that the use of glyphosate is safe. Medway has a duty to prevent spread of certain harmful weeds and to stop invasive non-native plants spreading. Medway Norse stopped using any glyphosate products in play areas in spring 2020. Fence line spraying was replaced by manual strimming or leaving grass longer where suitable. Medway Norse will continue to research and test new products for effectiveness on weed growth. In 2020 Medway Norse used 60% less glyphosate-based products than in 2019, with a 100% reduction in play areas.

No review requested
8 Say no to Garage on Napier Road 9 March 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable
7 Please do not demolish Rainham Library 19 February 2021

Following concerns raised by the two local Councillors for Rainham North, Councillors Carr and Potter, a Cabinet report seeking to carry out further feasibility about creating a new Community Hub in Rainham, was withdrawn at the 12 January 2021 meeting.

There are no current plans for that project to proceed at the present time or to demolish Rainham Library
No review requested
6 Towards a Plastic Free Medway 21 January 2021

Unfortunately, there is no legislation enabling the council to enforce a local ban on the sale of plastic bags.

The existing controls on the sale of single use carrier bags have recently been amended and the minimum charge for single use plastic bags will double from April 2021 and will apply to all retailers. Enforcement of this requirement is in the remit of our Trading Standards team.

We are supportive of Towards Plastic Free Medway's (TPFM) initiative for Medway to achieve single use plastic-free community status and we have recently written to all schools in Medway, asking them to consider the steps they can take to reduce single use plastic within their schools and communities.
No review requested
5 Oppose GP practices moving out of Rainham Healthy Living Centre 21 January 2021

The aspiration that all residents should be able to access appropriate health and care services that meet their needs is set out in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Medway (JHWBS). Kent and Medway CCG are also committed to tackling health inequalities and delivering on the aspirations of the JHWBS.

NHS policy requires appropriate engagement be undertaken for any proposed changes to local service provision. The Medway Health and Adult Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HASC) would be consulted should there be any significant changes to current provision.

Dr Shah (Blue Suite at Rainham) has approached the CCG about consolidating on one site and the CCG would require further information on engagement and consultation with registered patients and a detailed plan.

The Council through HASC scrutiny, will be in a position to review any proposals related to changes to the current primary care provision at the Rainham Healthy Living Centre and will be able to negotiate with the CCG to secure the best outcomes for the residents of Rainham. Should this not be possible, as a last resort HASC ultimately are able to formally refer the local NHS’s reconfiguration proposals to the Secretary of State for Health. 

At the meeting of the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 11 March 2021, the Committee agreed to:

a) note the response provided to the petition and the reasons for referring the response to the Committee.

b) welcome the assurance given by the CCG that local people will be consulted and engaged on any proposals relating to the Rainham Health Living Centre.

c) welcome the commitment given by the CCG that this Committee will be consulted on any proposals to change the current primary care provision at the Rainham Healthy Living Centre.

d) request a briefing paper from the CCG on GP numbers across Medway, including the numbers of other primary care practitioners.
4 The Council to install speed humps in Laburnum and Merrals Wood roads 20 January 2021

The Council takes all concerns for road safety seriously and works to promote and improve road safety wherever possible. Those locations with the poorest safety records are tackled first. During the most recent five years of available Police records, one crash was recorded in this area. There are many other locations within Medway that are currently suffering poorer ongoing road safety problems and the Council targets those locations. Therefore, it is unable to propose wider scale alterations in this area at this time.

No review requested
3 The council to provide a rubbish bin top of Morrisons green bridge in Walderslade. 11 January 2021 A litter bin will be installed on the green footbridge along Princes Park, adjacent to Morrisons within 10 working days. No review requested
2 Planning Application MC/20/2783 22 and 24 St Mary’s Road 6 January 2021 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable
1 Extend free school meals for Medway’s children 3 January 2021

The Department for Education’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme states that the Holiday Activities and Food programme will expand in 2021 so that children on free school meals will be offered free healthy meals and enriching activities over school holidays. Up to £220 million will be delivered through grants to all local authorities. Approximately 6,000 children in Medway currently access free meals during the school term. The Council has been working with schools to help ensure support continues throughout the school holidays.

No review requested

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