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33 The Council implement a range of vehicle speed and traffic volume studies on Dargets Road 6 December 2019 A summary of the response by the Director Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation and Deputy Chief Executive will be published when available  

The proposed Controlled Parking Zone for Strood North Ward

6 December 2019 A summary of the response by the Director  Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation and Deputy Chief Executive will be published when available  
31 Medway Council to install a safer crossing for Hempstead Infants and Junior Schools 15 October 2019 The Council remains optimistic for the successful appointment of a new School Crossing Patrol to serve Hempstead Road.  Review requested but withheld at the request of the lead petitioner following correspondence on the possibility of a permanent crossing
30 Medway Council to undertake a review of traffic flow travelling through central Strood and install a 20mph traffic zone in the area 10 October 2019 During the Local Growth Fund Strood Town Centre project works, aimed to improve journey times through the area and due for completion by March 2020, there has been an increase in traffic congestion which may have led to increased traffic in the area of Weston Road during certain periods. To be discussed at  the meeting of the Regeneration Culture and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee to be held on 21 January 2020

Implement speed restrictors and install speed cameras to reduce the number of vehicles driving in excess of 30mph. This is for vehicles travelling along the Walderslade Village Bypass and Robin Hood Lane, as well as the section from the roundabout connecting the bypass and Princes Avenue up Robin Hood as far as the junction with Tunbury Avenue. 

10 October 2019

The Council is responsible for investigating road safety problems and locations with the poorest road casualty records are tackled   first. Speed reducing possibilities are being explored. The focus of CCTV is on reducing and preventing road casualties and, in line with guidelines, it is not warranted at this location at this time.

Speed enforcement is a Police issue and they will be advised of the petition.

No review requested
28 Medway Council to announce a moratorium on volume house building on the Hoo Peninsula with immediate effect, pending further investigation. 10 October 2019 A moratorium cannot be instigated because Planning legislation requires that applications are considered on their merits and in relation to planning policy. Anyone is fully entitled to comment on a planning application and comments will be taken into account in its determination. No review requested
27 Petition against building on Sturry Park. 17 September 2019

The Council is actively exploring how to increase the supply of Council-owned rented homes and a number of green space and garage sites are being considered.

Following feedback from local residents, the plans for Sturry Park have been revised and a scheme retaining the park, a greater proportion of green space and providing a lower density development than originally proposed will be submitted through the planning process for consideration.

No review requested
26 Petition the Council to stand with the parents of Wainscott Primary School who are seeking to revoke the Department for Education academy order. 18 July 2019 In circumstances relating to safeguarding concerns, the Secretary of State has the power to make an Academy Order. After such an order was issued, the Regional Schools Commissioner undertook a process to seek an Academy Trust to take over the running of the School in early September. The Council has no power to stop an Academy Order in such circumstances. No review requested.
25 To take action against vehicular access to Beechings Playing Fields by installing a height barrier and any other suitable barriers needed to prevent vehicular access. After the preventative works vehicles still are able access the fields. 18 July 2019 As extra protection, a box padlock cover on the hooped barriers and a new drop bollard have been installed. The Council’s experience is that height barriers do not make sites more secure as, at times, they need to be kept open to allow access for maintenance and emergency vehicles. No review requested.
24 Medway Council to use its influence and powers to prevent the merger of Stoke Community School and Allhallows Academy. 9 July 2019
Although the Council is a statutory consultee, the decision powers rest with the Regional School Commissioner and the Headteacher board. The Council have formally responded to the consultation.
No review requested.
23 Medway Council to take action to enforce the 7.5 tonne weight limit on Bells Lane Hoo. 1 July 2019

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in place does not apply to Large Goods Vehicles accessing Bells Lane as the end destination and permits access for deliveries to and from premises in Hoo, including the Marina.

The Council enforces TROs related to parking and waiting restrictions and the Police enforce orders related to ‘moving traffic’ including weight restrictions.
No review requested.
22 The council to provide residents with general waste wheelie bins to stop the mess on the streets from black sacks. 1 July 2019

The Council’s refuse collection fleets are not fitted with bin lifting mechanisms and will not be replaced until post 2021 when a review will be conducted on the most suitable containers.

There are many households that are not suitable for wheeled bins or can only support one. Depositing food in brown garden bins significantly reduces waste in black sacks and also the likelihood of foxes targeting them.
No review requested.
21 Call on Medway to address the speeding traffic issues on First Avenue and consider the introduction of road safety measures. 7 June 2019

A traffic survey has indicated around 1000 vehicles use the road on a typical weekday travelling on average 19 - 23mph. In the past three years, no incidents causing injury have been reported. ‘SLOW’ markings and white centre lines were installed last year.

Therefore, First Avenue is not a priority for vehicle speed reduction methods. A Speed Indicator Device has been used to make drivers aware of their speed.
No review requested
20 Reduce double yellow lines and increase parking for residents of Borstal Street. 24 May 2019

Reducing the double yellow lines and extending the permit bays will cause obstruction to vehicles exiting the junction opposite and reduce traffic flow, including buses.

It is not possible to reduce the double yellow lines on Nashenden Lane due to the narrow width of the road. Mounting the pavement to park cannot be encouraged.

The yellow lines have been staggered to discourage parallel parking and act as a traffic calming measure.
No review requested.
19 Extend the double yellow lines further down Mierscourt Road near the junction of Oastview. 26 April 2019 The Parking Design Team has considered the request relating to a particular van parking in a manner which is affecting visibility. As there have been no injury collisions recorded in this location during the last 5 years, the Council will not be progressing the request at this time. No review requested.
17 Call on Medway Council to take immediate action to secure Beechings Playing fields to prevent access to unauthorised vehicles. 25 April 2019 Metal hoop railings have been installed around the playing field to allow public use but prevent unauthorised vehicles. The method of prevention has proved successful in other green space areas.  No review requested.
16 Instruct Highways to implement a range of traffic volume and vehicle speeds studies, due to a substantial increase in through traffic between Maidstone Road and Delce Road, which has made Rochester Avenue a 'rat run'. Introduce further appropriate structural traffic calming measure and signage to reduce traffic volumes and deter speeding, thus increasing pedestrian safety. 25 April 2019 A survey showed most traffic is through traffic travelling around 30mph.

There were no reported incidents with injuries in the past three years and other locations have a higher priority for safety measures. Installing road humps would not be appropriate.

A temporary portable Speed Indicator Device is scheduled for the autumn. 
No review requested.
15 Call on Medway Council to review the parking restrictions in and around Middle Street, Brompton. 25 April 2019 The Parking Design Team will give the request consideration as part of the Brompton Controlled Parking Zone Review which will take place during the current financial year. No review requested.
14 Call on MHS to retain sheltered accommodation at Russell Court. 25 April 2019

As part of their wider strategy relating to older people's housing, MHS took the decision to close the scheme which no longer meets the needs or expectations of older residents, after consultation. Many residents see this as an opportunity to move to more suitable accommodation. Development or refurbishment of the scheme is not viable.

Whilst the Council will have a significant role in determining the make-up of affordable rented housing, it would not be appropriate for it to call on MHS homes to halt the closure of the scheme where they have tested all options in consultation with the local community. 

No review requested.
13 Call on Medway Council to improve road safety around Lambourn Way, Knole Road and the surrounding roads, in particular the road safety pressures of local schools. 25 April 2019

The school has been encouraged to operate a ‘Walking Bus’ and Bikeability and scooter skills initiatives have been delivered. The parking creates a single lane through Lambourn Way which is more effective than road humps. A survey showed that traffic calming would be extreme as most speeds were below 30mph. There are many roads which have a greater priority due to their accident record.

Road markings could be used to discourage parking and a temporary portable Speed Indicator Device is scheduled to be installed in October.
No review requested.
12 Call on Medway Council to take immediate action against those 'out of town' taxi companies such as UBER who do not have transparent DBS checks in place unlike Medway licensed drivers and which could be putting passengers at risk. 25 April 2019

Uber drivers are licenced as private hire drivers by other licensing authorities in accordance with legislation and local policy. Licensing authorities, including Transport for London (TfL), require prospective drivers to undertake an enhanced criminal record check before, and periodically after, a licence is issued. Failure to adhere to this would be an enforcement matter of the issuing licensing authority.

On 25 April 2019 Full Council passed a motion instructing officers to seek independent legal opinion, meet with the Medway Licenced Taxi Drivers Association (MLTDA) to discuss legal opinions and take the appropriate action against operations not in accordance with legislation. Efforts are already being made to progress this. 

No review requested.
11 Objection to planning application MC/19/0188 130 houses in Maresborough Road. 22 March 2019 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable.
10 Objection to planning application MC/19/0273 Development behind Doddington Road 11 March 2019 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable.
09 Make Albany Road, Gillingham a one way street 19 February 2019 When looking at where alterations to the road network should be made, the Council must consider Medway as a whole, taking into account highway priorities such as reducing and preventing road casualties and ensuring value for money. Available resources must be directed to those projects which are in line with objectives and priorities for transport within Medway. Following investigative work to consider the cost and associated benefits of altering Albany Road to one-way operation, there is no funding available to make such change. At the meeting of the Regeneration Culture and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 28 March 2019, the Committee noted that the possible provision of passing places in Albany Road will be placed on the 2019/20 parking programme for consideration as a matter of priority.
08 Introduce a safe crossing on Ordnance Street, Chatham recognising particularly the number of schools on and around this busy road. 15 February 2019

The Road Safety Team conducted pedestrian and vehicle counts and in most cases pedestrians were able to cross Ordnance Street safely with good visibility and within a low wait time. Ordnance Street is within a Controlled Parking Zone and vehicle speeds were not noted as presenting a concern to pedestrians.

A pedestrian crossing will not be considered at this time. The Safer Journeys Team will encourage schools in the area to revisit their school travel plans to address any issues.

No review requested.
07 Register protest against the development of houses on the Avenue Tennis Club and garden of 26 second avenue. 11 February 2019 This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation. Not applicable.


Medway Council to fix the appalling state of the Brook car park and to clarify an end date for the improvements and how they plan to stop anti-social behaviour

1 February 2019

Work on the red stairwell was completed last October and further phases of refurbishment will focus on the stairwell access points. There is a security patrol service and a locking policy for those stairwells where constant access is not needed. Joint working has seen a reduction in anti-social behaviour across Medway. Operation Synergy, focuses on Medway’s retail areas and aggressive begging and street drinking has been tacked in Chatham. A dedicated Community Safety Officer will be proactively patrolling and liaising closely with retailers, the community and other stakeholders including car park providers.

No review requested.


Objection to Planning Application MC/18/3577 - Seymour Road, Rainham

29 January 2019

This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation

Not applicable.


Objection to Planning Application MC/18/2458 - land to the north of Beaufort Road and the west of Gravesend Road Rochester

24 January 2019

This petition relates to a planning application and is being dealt with under planning legislation

Not applicable.


Medway Council to REJECT all applications for any large scale development in and around the important green lung of the Lower Rainham and Lower Twydall farmland and greenfields

24 January 2019

The Council is currently preparing a Local Plan, which will provide direction on the future growth of the area, identifying land for the homes, jobs, infrastructure and services that the people of Medway need, whilst protecting and enhancing the qualities of the area’s environment and heritage. The Council is producing a draft Local Plan for consideration later this year. In relation to planning applications in advance of the Local Plan, legislation requires all applications to be determined on their merits following consultation. The Council cannot consider objections in advance of any application.

No review requested.


Petition the Council to compel Councillor Adrian Gulvin to resign over his ineptitude regarding the broken CCTV cameras across Medway

19 January 2019

Appointments to the Cabinet and the allocation of responsibilities to these positions is a matter for the Leader of the Council. He has stated that he has full confidence in Councillor Gulvin who has been open and honest about the situation regarding CCTV cameras and will be working with officers and Medway Commercial Group to ensure action is taken to resolve the situation.

No review requested

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