Improving cycling and walking routes across Medway

Thanks to Active Travel funding from the Department for Transport (DfT), we have:

  • created new cycle lanes
  • installed new cycle racks
  • widened 11 miles of well-used public footpath.

The government announced the £225 million fund in early 2020. This came after more people started walking and cycling during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We hope that more people will choose walking or cycling alongside public transport as their preferred modes of travel.

August 2023 works

We now have a further £927,000 from the Active Travel Fund. We'll use this to expand and improve our walking and cycle paths.

Works to improve the existing footway and cycle way on A228 Four Elms Hill from east of Beacon Hill Lane to West of the slip road to Upchat Road. 

The work includes:

  • widening the existing shared footway and cycle way to 3 metres
  • resurfacing
  • constructing a raised table in Beacon Hill Lane. The table will be 75 millimeters high and created from asphalt.

Other works include:

  • uncontrolled crossing improvements
  • lighting column replacements
  • kerb realignments
  • road marking improvements
  • traffic sign works. 

Summer 2020 works

During summer 2020, we received an Active Travel grant of £242,500. We used the funding to:

  • improve the cycle lane in Dock Road, Chatham (from the Wood Street roundabout to Western Avenue)
  • close Rochester High Street at peak times to traffic to help visitors socially distance
  • install new cycle racks in Chatham town centre
  • create a pedestrian zone at the bottom of Chatham High Street
  • widen 11 miles of footpath across Medway
  • install 10 dropped kerbs at different junctions.