We have approximately 26,500 street lights on highways and we are starting to upgrade them. This includes replacing all traditional and older-style lanterns with new light emitting diode (LED) lanterns. 

New lanterns will have a node which will monitor energy use and faults. This will report problems with the lanterns back to us so that we can quickly restore light to our residents. 

Benefits of LED lanterns

The benefits to residents include:

Led lights corporation street

  • reducing the amount of money spent on electricity per year
  • less glare and intrusion into homes
  • saving roughly 50% in energy
  • less maintenance work
  • improved visibility with a white light
  • easier to see colours making it safer for residents driving, walking or cycling
  • improved safety to residents.

The new lanterns are better for the environment as they:

  • use less electricity than other lamps or bulbs
  • have less light spillage with lights directed towards the pavement to create better environment for wildlife 
  • produce less carbon emissions
  • reduce light pollution and sky glow
  • work well in hot and cold environments
  • have longer lives compared to traditional lights
  • light up immediately.

How work will be carried out

Volker highways van

We have a schedule for the new lanterns and columns to be installed. If possible, whole roads will be completed in one go. Information boards will be installed in the area roughly 2 weeks before work begins. 

Any work we do will not affect you being able to get in and out of your home as we will carry out site surveys in all areas. This will bring up any problems and what we can do to resolve them before work starts. 

The scheme will be completed by summer 2022.