Medway Safe Spaces is a voluntary scheme that aims to assist vulnerable people to feel safer when travelling independently within Medway.

Becoming a registered Medway Safe Space can help your business become a vital part of your community, ensuring you are there for local residents and visitors to Medway when they may need immediate help.

We can never predict when a medical incident, a family issue or another event could suddenly impact our lives.

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Who can register

The scheme is open to businesses across Medway operating in a public-facing setting.

A safe place can be a:

  • shop
  • office
  • restaurant
  • bar or pub
  • public building such as a library.

By becoming a Medway Safe Space, you will act as a point of contact for your community in circumstances where an individual may require immediate help.

This scheme is intended to provide a short-term safe space

You are not expected to provide ongoing support or become involved in any complex situations.

Your responsibilities

By becoming a member of the scheme, you agree to:

  • display Medway Safe Spaces materials to advertise your involvement in the scheme, including window stickers and posters
  • support a vulnerable person who on arrival to your building may feel unwell, confused, lost or have been a victim of crime by providing a welcoming and safe environment
  • establish how you can help
  • contact either the emergency services, a family member, or a friend who they wish you to contact
  • look after the person while you wait for further assistance by providing a private area for them to stay calm, perhaps offering a hot or cold drink to help them settle.

Other responsibilities include:

  • it would be good practice to have 2 members of staff available to help
  • to have accessible premises
  • for those businesses with Shopwatch radios, these could be used to call for assistance where appropriate
  • if a person who has asked for help needs to use the phone, this needs to be in a publicly accessible area or via a cordless phone
  • if you have any immediate safeguarding concerns, then please visit our social care and health page for support
  • if there is a crime in progress or a person is in immediate danger, phone 999.

By becoming a Medway Safe Space, you are also there for members of the public who may need general advice, directions or public transport information.

Benefits of joining the scheme

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Medway Safe Spaces scheme, including:

  • increased public awareness of your business or service (we will be listing businesses who are involved so you can be found by those using the scheme) 
  • improvement of your business image in the community
  • increasing the confidence of people who are travelling alone or are separated from family and friends
  • improving the general awareness of helping people with a disability or those who may be vulnerable
  • helping people in a vulnerable situation and providing a safety net when they need more confidence to get out and about.

How to register your business

To register to become a Medway Safe Space, please complete the form below and email it to along with the following details included:

  • the name of your business
  • the number of colleagues that will represent the business as a Medway Safe Space
  • the name of the business owner or manager.

Download the Medway Safe Spaces sign-up form

You will receive a response from a member of our Safe Spaces team to get your business registered onto the scheme.

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