If you’re struggling with everyday tasks around your home, we can assess how you might benefit from home adaptations or equipment.

You can book an in-home assessment by calling 01634 334 466 or emailing ss.accessandinfo@medway.gov.uk

For more information on requests for adaptation to Medway properties read our HRA adaptations policy.

Before adapting your home

An occupational therapist will first assess you at home and work with you to find a solution that lets you keep your independence.

You’ll be assessed on:

  • if you can get in and out of your home
  • access to facilities in your home
  • your ability to use the toilet
  • how you get out of a bed or chair
  • if you can make a hot drink and food

Adaptations and equipment

Equipment you could get includes:

  • rails around the home
  • bathing equipment
  • chair and bed raisers
  • specialist chairs and shower chairs
  • hoists

Home adaptations may include:

  • wheelchair access in the home
  • lowering kitchen surfaces to wheelchair height
  • lifts to access upstairs
  • downstairs toilets or showers

Cost of equipment or alterations

Some equipment can be loaned to you for free or you may be given a disabled facilities grant if an occupational therapist recommends major adaptations to your home.

For major adaptations to your home or for further advice please email disabled.adaptations@medway.gov.uk or phone 01634 331 200.