Overcrowded housing

There is a shortage of family accommodation in Medway and overcrowded households can be on a waiting list for a larger home for over a year.

To overcome overcrowding, you could consider:

  • making changes by changing the use of rooms or swapping bedrooms
  • increasing storage space by using furniture like bunk beds, folding tables, under-bed storage
  • trying to get rid of any unnecessary items
  • checking if any of the members of your household can be rehoused separately.


Squatting is when someone enters your property without your permission and lives or plans to live there. This is illegal in residential buildings and can lead to 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine or both.

If you think someone is squatting in a council property, email us to talk to a housing officer on housingtenancyteam@medway.gov.uk.