Before being cleared to enter the UK, you’ll need an inspection of accommodation.  To apply complete our UK entry clearance form.

UK entry clearance ensures that:

  • proposed accommodation is safe and free from hazards in relation to the Housing Act 2004
  • the property won’t become overcrowded when the new occupants move in under the Housing Act 1985
  • the person can enter the UK under the Immigration Rules

Before an inspection, you’ll complete an application asking for:

  • the occupation of the property
  • names of proposed occupants
  • the passport/reference numbers
  • the relationship of new occupants to the current household
  • a copy of a tenancy agreement
  • the full fee of £140 for the service (this can be paid by cheque only)

When the inspection is complete you’ll get a letter stating:

  • the names and addresses of those seeking entry to the UK
  • the address and photographs of the inspected property
  • how the property will be occupied and who by
  • whether the property is subject to overcrowding

Read our guidance on UK entry clearance applications for more help, or contact us on 01634 331 200.

You can email the completed form and payment to or return it by post to:

UK Entry Inspections, Private Sector Housing, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.