If you’ve noticed a problem with street lighting, you can tell us about it.

You can report street lighting problems including:

  • light not working at night
  • light burning during the day
  • damage to lamp columns
  • issues with festive lighting (when erected)
  • concerns over lighting provision.

What we need to know

When reporting a problem, you can help us find and repair the issue by:

  • telling us the unique reference number shown on the post, such as ABC001
  • describing the exact location of the light, such as the property it is outside of or opposite
  • giving us details of the problem or request.

Report a problem with street lighting

What happens after

We may contact you if we need more information.

For lights not working correctly, our maintenance contract allows up to 7 days for the first visit. The contractor will attempt to repair the light on the first visit. Some faults will require further work so this may take a longer amount of time.

For damaged lamp columns, our contractor will make the area safe, which may include removing the column and a replacement will be ordered, but may take time to be replaced due to issues such as connection or bespoke items.

When to report an emergency

Phone 01634 333 333 if you are concerned about health and safety and are reporting:

  • a post that is damaged or leaning
  • a concrete post with horizontal cracks
  • missing or damaged traffic bollards
  • a missing cover door or one with exposed wires
  • a loose or hanging light fitting 
  • smoke or abnormal noises coming from the post.