Past survey

We have identified a further 17 high-risk sites that could benefit from moving traffic enforcement to help improve safety and reduce congestion across our network.

We asked for your views on our plan to better enforce moving traffic offences to help create safer, healthier streets for our community and keep Medway moving.

Proposed locations

We're not introducing any new traffic restrictions at these locations, we're just changing the way they are enforced.

Currently only the police can enforce restrictions and issue sanctions at these additional locations, however we're now proposing to implement our powers to better enforce the restrictions.

Locations and restrictions in our new proposal include:

  • Chatham High Street - motor vehicle restriction (pedestrian zone).  Access point from Batchelor Street, Chatham - no motor vehicles restriction
  • Whittaker Street/High Street, Chatham, in connection to the above (Chatham High Street) - no entry restriction
  • Chatham High Street (access point from Clover Street, Chatham) - no entry restriction
  • Rochester High Street junction with Star Hill, Rochester - right turn ban
  • Gillingham High Street (Green Street access point to Gillingham High Street) - no entry restriction
  • Gillingham High Street (Kings Street, access onto Gillingham High Street) - no entry restriction
  • Gillingham High Street (James Street access points to Gillingham High Street) - no entry restriction
  • A2 High Street junction with B2002 Station Road, Strood - yellow box junction
  • Chatham Hill junction with Luton Road, Chatham - yellow box junction
  • Maidstone Road, Chatham, Bus Interchange - yellow box junction
  • A2 Corporation Street junction with Esplanade, Rochester - yellow box junction
  • Station Road junction with Friary Place, Strood - yellow box junction
  • A2 London Road junction with Gravesend Road, Strood - yellow box junction
  • A2 High Street, Strood junction with Esplanade, Strood - yellow box junction
  • A2 Corporation Street junction with Gas House Road, Rochester - yellow box junction
  • A2 Corporation Street junction with Bardell Terrace - yellow box junction
  • A2 junction with Castle View Road, Strood - yellow box junction.

Public survey

We ran a public survey to help us understand if there are any enforcement issues in the selected locations.

The survey closed at midnight on Wednesday 26 June 2024.

During the consultation period, we engaged with emergency services, local councillors, and other key stakeholders.

Next steps

We're currently reviewing all your feedback. 

This feedback will be used to help shape our next steps in the programme, which will then be considered by Medway Cabinet later in 2024.

We'll publish the results of the survey in summer.