The School Crossing Patrol (SCP) service carries out an important role within Medway, helping the safety of pedestrians on their journeys.

Each SCP officer is managed by the Road Safety Team and strategically placed near to schools or road junctions. This is to help pedestrians safely cross the road in the mornings and afternoons during the school term.

Advice for parents

Parents are responsible for making sure their child is safe on their journey to and from school, even if there is a School Crossing Patrol.

Parents are asked to set the best example when walking with their child, remembering to find a safer place to cross the road and to stop, look and listen each time.

When using a SCP, we ask parents and children to:

  • wait at the kerb
  • not follow the patrol into the road
  • only cross when the patrol tells you
  • always walk in front of the patrol.

You can report inconsiderate and illegal parking online (such as on yellow school zig zags or on other parking restrictions).

Advice for drivers

SCP's have as much legal right as a police officer to stop traffic for anyone who needs help crossing the road.

To help keep all road users safe, remember when you approach a school to:

  • slow down when you see a patrol warning sign or flashing lights and be prepared to stop
  • stop when the patrol is displaying the stop sign
  • be patient and do not move forward
  • park considerately and legally - do not park where the patrol works such as on zig-zag lines or other areas with parking restrictions.

Patrols are instructed to report any unsafe driver who fails to stop to the police.

The penalties of such an offence may include:

  • a fine of up to £1000
  • three penalty points
  • disqualification.

Advice for patrols

The Road Safety Team are responsible for the day to day running of the SCP service including recruitment, training and monitoring.

Download the: 

Work for us

Our SCP officers:

  • can demonstrate an awareness of traffic and road conditions
  • have a sense of responsibility
  • are dedicated to making the roads of Medway safer for children.

If you feel you hold the necessary skills to become an SCP officer and are interested in applying visit Jobs Go Public or Medway jobs for a list of current vacancies.