A school travel plan (STP) provides a safer route information and encourages more sustainable methods of travel to and from school. 

The plans contribute towards meeting the objectives of the Medway Local Transport Plan 3 by reducing the growth in car use and improving safety on the school journey.

A school travel plan relates to specific schools and:

  • sets out a number of practical steps for improving safety on the school journey and for reducing the number of car trips made to school
  • provides your school community with a voice by identifying the problems experienced by pupils, parents and local residents around the school journey and focuses on finding the right solutions for each school
  • is a whole-school initiative and should demonstrate support and ownership from children, staff, parents, governors and the wider school community
  • enables parents and children to choose walking, cycling and public transport with confidence and seeks to cut congestion at the school gate
  • has clearly stated aims, objectives and targets which are achievable, measurable and are supported by the whole school community
  • demonstrates a commitment to improving safety and reducing congestion
  • can also address health, safety, environment, education and social equity issues

A school transport plan can take several forms. For example it may be a very simple written statement of school policy, something created electronically and publicised through the school website or virtual learning platform, or a comprehensive document which deals with all aspects of the school journey.


Aims of a school transport plan:

  • reduce congestion outside the school gate
  • improve health and fitness through walking and cycling
  • allow parents and pupils to feel confident about walking, cycling and using public transport to and from school
  • make sure children are aware of traffic dangers and road safety and familiarise them with using public transport
  • make the journey safer to and from school
  • provide a focus for recognising road safety within the national curriculum.

Has your school got a school travel plan?

A STP is an evolving document, created and supported by a working group, for example, parents, governors, pupils, teachers and local residents. Together the group identifies the problems and dangers outside the school and together they decide on measures to eradicate or alleviate them.

The goal is to promote and encourage a safer and more environmentally attractive network for children to get to and from school, as well as raising awareness of the health and environmental implications of travel.

Our active school strategy

The attached document provide details of Medway Council's active school travel strategy, Sustainable School Travel Strategy 2018 to 2023.