Our public rights of way

Medway has nearly 190 miles (313km) of public rights of way.

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Footpaths are for pedestrian use only, wheelchair users and those pushing prams or pushchairs. Dogs can be walked on a lead or under close control.

Bicycles are not allowed but some landowners allow cycling on some routes. Note, public footpaths are not the same as footways.

Footways are paths that are adjacent to roads and are commonly called pavements.

Download a list of footpaths in Medway

Bridleways (bridle paths) 

Bridleways are for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists. You can lead horses, donkeys or mules and, sometimes drive other animals along bridleways.

Cyclists can use bridleways (Countryside Act 1968) and must give way to walkers and horse riders.

The Act does not place a duty on highway authorities to maintain bridleways for cyclists, so bridleways may not be suitable for cycling, even on mountain bikes.

Download a list of bridleways in Medway

Strood Community Trail

This is a 5-mile trail around Strood.

View and download the trail on Kent Downs

Restricted byways

Restricted byways are for all traffic, except mechanically propelled vehicles.

Download a list of restricted byways

Byway open to all traffic 

These are for all traffic, including mechanically propelled vehicles, although essentially it is used as a footpath.

Download a list of byways open to all traffic

Search for a public right of way

To find a public right of way, you can use our map.

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Using the interactive map

To use the map:

  1. go to 'address search' at the top of the map page and type in the post code or road name of the area you would like to search within
  2. click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left to access the 'What would you like to do?' menu
  3. click on ‘map features’
  4. open the ‘highways’ folder by clicking the black triangle icon
  5. click 'Public Rights of Way’. The map layer will show a tick when the layer is on. If there's a public right of way in the area, the map will show a green, red, purple or blue line.

Report a problem with a public right of way

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